An Apartment with the Amenities That I Want

I am not too picky when I am looking at apartments, but there are a few things that I absolutely must have. I have two cats who have been with me longer than my last boyfriend, so they are a constant in my life at this point. There is no way I could look at any apartments in Henderson NV that would not allow me to bring them with me. I also could not live in an apartment that did not at least have washer and dryer hookups.

I have only lived in three apartments in my life, and the first two did not have a washer and dryer. I had to use the laundromat across town at my first apartment and the community laundry room at the second. Finally, for my third apartment I had hookups, and I was able to buy a cheap washer and dryer. I was not planning on taking them with me because they were not in great shape, and I figured I could buy something cheap once I am there. Well, it turns out that the apartment that I found is perfect for me because I can have my two cats with me and it also has a washer and dryer.

I was pretty excited over those things, and I was equally happy about the fitness center on site. I never worked out before, but I joined a gym six months ago and can really tell a difference in how I am. I was super psyched that I would be able to ditch the gym membership since it has the fitness center with all the workout equipment I could want right there. It even has a towel and water service, if you can believe that. This place is really nice, and I hope it is the last apartment I have!