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Every Door Direct Mail: A Cheap Marketing Tool

Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM is a very simple and cheap way to reach out to potential customers near you business. We can use the services of the US Postal Service through their bulk mail program offered by our local postal office. With EDDM, you can reach you potential customers through your custom designed mail pieces for advertising by choosing a target postal delivery route using a free map which the postal office will print and deliver for you charging a certain fee, and all of these can be done online. With a full service EDDM, the post office handles the bundling, form filing, and delivery directly to the post office of your choice. With EDDM your target customer will receive your ads within two to three days, much faster than the regular bulk mail which will take weeks to deliver.

EDDM can be used by any business or organization who want to reach a great part of their community to promote their products and services using postcards, flyers, or sell sheets. With EDDM you can be sure that every household in your targeted locality will know about your business. If you are a professional, realtor, contractor, or you have a home or local business, then EDDM is a very effective and cheap way of letting people know about your business or services. You can be sure of greater traffic to come at your special sales or promotional events if you make use of EDDM services.

With conventional mail, you need to write down specific names and addresses on the envelopes complete and presorted by zip code, but with EDDM there is no need for these names, because your mail is delivered to every door, you just need to select the city, zip codes and the carrier route with the use of the EDDM mapping tool that is free and available online. Studies have shown that most consumers make purchases within a five mile radius of their homes using a big chunk of their income so if you have a local retail store, EDDM helps to make your business known to these consumers in your locality. If you use direct mail is advertising there is a need to secure a postal permit and they charge an annual mailing fee. EDDM does not need any permits and fees.
A Brief Rundown of Mail

Because it is very cheap to send bulk cards, it is very effective for business models that rely on regular mailing. Now you can avoid all the hassles of paperwork and deliver through full service EDDM offered by online printing services. EDDM is the most economical way of reaching every household in your target area so that your business will be promoted in these areas.5 Key Takeaways on the Road to Dominating Mail